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Fashion Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacture and Wholesale,
Stainless Steel Necklaces,Earrings,Rings,Bracelets,Pendants,Pendant&Earring Sets,
Anklets, Key Chain,Money Clips, Shamballa Jewelry,Watch Jewelry, etc.
Wholesale in GuangZhou China from Asia 
What is Stainless Steel?
Stainless steel contains chromium, and other alloying elements that keep them bright and rust resistant in spite of moisture or the action of corrosive acids and gases. Because of their shining surfaces, architects often use them for decorative purposes. Stainless steels are used for the pipes and tanks of petroleum refineries and chemical plants, for jet planes, and for space capsules. Surgical instruments and equipment are made from these steels, and they are also used to patch or replace broken bones because the steels can withstand the action of body fluids. In kitchens and in plants where food is prepared, handling equipment is often made of stainless steel because it does not taint the food and can be easily cleaned.
Why Choose Stainless Steel ring and jewelry?
Stainless Steel has many positive characteristics compared to all other conventional materials. It is far stronger and harder. It does not contain any cobalt that oxidizes and would dull the lustre surface; or any nickel that would cause allergy. Therefore it wears better and doesn?t gouge, mar easily, or deform.
Unlike other Jewellery, stainless steel Jewelry cannot be made by casting. Every piece of our collection is produce under 300 tones pressure of moulding and then precisely crafted by hand.
I have an allergic reaction to most of my jewelry, including gold. Can I wear stainless steel?
Absolutely! Stainless steel is the most biocompatible (hypoallergenic) element known to man and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. This is a blessing for pierced products. Unlike other jewelry materials, stainless steel does not need other alloys to harden the material. Many alloys create negative reactions with our body chemistry. Stainless steel can be safely and comfortably worn by everybody.
Our stainless steel jewellery is produced from anti-allergic stainless steel, which is approved by the European Union. 
What is the difference between 'High Polish' and 'Brushed/Satin' finish? 
It is basically like it sounds. 'High Polish' is a very shiny, high metallic look. It is polished and very smooth allowing the steel in the piece to really shine. It is the more classic look of the two. 'Brushed' is just the opposite. The matt finish look gives more dimensions to the piece and a more industrial feel. You will find many of our designs combine both finishes.


Do your company send free samples?
We are afraid not. We couldn't send free samples. You are welcome to place a trial order to test the quality of our products.
If I want wholesale, can your company give me a discount?
Of course we give you a discount upon your order. The more you order,the more discount you will get. If you need more information about our specific discount policy, please contact our customer service by email.
Do you offer customized making?
Of course, we have our own factory in Shenzhen, China.
We can to produce the product according to your customized requirements.
The production period is 15-30 days.
You are welcome to send our customer service an email to give the detail of your special requirements.
How much the minimum order quantity?
Since larger order can help you save carriage, the minimum of your order is $300. 
Whether does the customer need to pay the customs duty?
Yes. It is an international convention that the customer has to bear the tariff.
Are the pictures the same as your real jewelry?
All jewelry pictures are made under the natural light, and uploaded online without being processed. They are nearly the same as the real jewelry.

If you have any questions,welcome to contact us at any time!

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        Our product : Fashion Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacture and Wholesale,
Stainless Steel Necklaces,Earrings,Rings,Bracelets,Pendants,Pendant&Earring Sets,
Anklets, Key Chain,Money Clips,Watch Jewelry, etc.
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